In solidarity with the Republic of Ukraine, we have decided to launch a free version of MyGuard featuring two new categories.
  • Slava Ukraine! This category highlights websites and services that are directly or indirectly supporting the aggressor's agenda. Our aim is to provide awareness, allowing you to make informed decisions about whether you wish to continue using these services temporarily.

  • Hero of Ukraine This category is designed to showcase individuals and official sources that provide reliable information about the conflict, both directly and indirectly.


We are here to empower consumers to present a united front against the Russian invasion of the sovereign state of Ukraine. By revealing the entities behind Russian sites and services, we enable you to make a choice to refrain from supporting those who are aligned with Russia, at least for the time being.

How does it work?

The tooltips are displayed when you hover over the shields on the webpage.

When you visit a website or use a service that is listed in our categories, you will be informed in an illustrative manner,

using the same text that is available in the tooltips.


Introducing Our Browser Add-On: Protection Against Phishing and Scams

Our browser add-on is designed to safeguard you against phishing attempts and various online scams, even before you access the websites. 

By installing our Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge add-on, your browser gains the ability to proactively examine our extensive online database. This database checks if the sites you're about to visit or are currently visiting are flagged on warning or blacklist databases. You'll receive a clear warning along with a description of what other users have reported about the site or service.
Our system is regularly updated using data from major blacklist sources, and it encompasses a staggering count of over 15,000,000 sites associated with scams, fraud, and phishing activities.
Furthermore, in collaboration with our integrations, our dedicated volunteers have contributed to expanding the list. This expansion includes hundreds of sites and services that either continue to support or are linked to the Russian elite.
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Join our volunteers or send a site or service to be added to the Slava Ukraine list of sites and services to avoid.

Our system takes care of sorting and validating ownership of Russian companies and sites automatically.
However, we require assistance in pinpointing the sites and services that are evading the blockade and sanctions.

Your contribution in providing this information is invaluable.

At the very least, we need a URL such as, accompanied by a brief explanation and relevant links detailing why these sites or services should be included. Rest assured, the information you submit below will be securely processed by our system. Neither your contribution nor any record of its origin will be retained and are protected by law.

Feel free to provide specific URLs for products on reseller sites, too, if you find it appropriate. 
For instance: 
This is particularly relevant if the site or product is hosted on a third-party platform.
Your involvement is crucial in maintaining the accuracy and comprehensiveness of our efforts.

Thank you for your dedication in supporting Ukraine.
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